Combination ECU Remap

Combination ECU Remap

ECU Remapping for combined Power and Increased MPG

This is our most popular ECU remap. It basically combines some of the benefits of our ECO ECU Remapwith some the benefits of our Power ECU Remap. Please click on either of these links for more detailed information.

Benefits of a Combined ECU Remap

As the name suggests you will see an increased MPG figure due to increased fuel efficency and an increase in engine power.audi_r8

The increase in fuel efficiency will not be as much as will be found with ourECO ECU Remap, but you will see increases in MPG in the order of 10% – 20%. The extra power you will see will not be as much as found after one of our Power ECU Remaps, but you will notice an increase in engine power in the region of 10% – 25%. You will notice an improved driving experience from your vehicle with sharper throttle response, smoother gear changes and more potent acceleration.

Fully Mobile Service to your Home or Place of Work

We provide our Combination ECU Remap via a fully mobile ecu remapping service. We can visit you at your Home or Place of Work. The process will take between 60 – 90 minutes to complete and the effects are noticable immediately.

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