Diesel Tuning

Diesel Tuning via Diesel ECU Remapping

Since 2001 all Diesel Cars must be fitted with a standardised On Board Diagnostics Port / Connector (OBD Port). This has enabled the development of standardised equipment that can be connected to your diesel engined car’s ODB port to modify such as Engine Control Units (ECU). This process itself has grown into an industry known as Mobile ECU Remapping, or in modern terms Mobile Diesel Tuning. ECU Remapping a Diesel engine is recognised as one of the most productive uses of ECU Remapping as diesel engine gains are far better than those found when ECU Remapping a petrol engine. For more information on what ECU Remapping is and How it works please read out ECU Remappingpage and our What is ECU remapping page.

Diesel Tuning ECU Remap Benefits

  • Improved fuel eficiency, better MPG
  • Increased Engine Torque
  • Increased Engine Power
  • More resposive throttle
  • Better acceleration response
  • Overall improved driving experience.

Diesel ECU Remapping Options

Like all of our ECU Remapping solutions there are three basic options:

Each of the above have their unique benefits, but all can be provided via our Mobile ECU Remapping Service. Diesel Engine Remapping is probably the best advertisment for ECU remapping as diesel engine remapping gives better results than petrol engines:

  • MPG increases in the range 20% – 35%
  • Engine Power increases in the range 20% – 40%

For more information about ECU Remapping your Diesel Engine we recommend you read the following pages:

  • What is ECU Remapping
  • ECO ECU Remap<d/li>
  • Power ECU Remap
  • Combination ECU Remap
  • ECU Remap Questions

If you would like further information, have questions or would like to chat with a qualified ECU Remapping technician about your vehicle. Then please call us on any of the numbers found at the top of this page, or use our FREE Call Back service which can be found at the top right of this page.

Diesel Tuning Other Options

  • Effiiciency Remap
  • Performance Remap
  • Sport Remap

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