DPF Questions Answered

Questions Answered

Dpf Light On?

Dpf diesel particulate filter issues and problems sorted once and for all that’s a promise from the “GT Performance Team”

What is the benefits of using GTP for my Dpf problem?

We do not waste your time and money! Be it an attempt at repairing the fault only for the dpf light to come back on and put the vehicle back into limp mode. Or remove the filter leaving you with a vehicle which is puffing out black smoke destroying the environment and still has the dpf light on because the causality has not been properly diagnosed.

Combined we have over 45 years’ experience working with diesel engines and particulate filters.

We will never come unstuck as to finding the best possible solution for you and your vehicle.

Main dealer level Diagnostic Equipment

Having dealt with every vehicle which suffers from dpf problems we already know what we need to check first before you even arrive to us.

We pride ourselves on given the best customer support throughout the whole process, there is no need for miss guided information leading to no solution.

Got a problem with your Dpf system?

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What is a DPF?

The diesel particulate filter is referred to as a “DPF” which is a particule filter designed for modern diesel engines. Think of it like a catalytic converter found on most petrol engines. A DPF is designed to filter out solid soot particules and reduces emissions. The engines exhaust gases pass through the honeycomb like brick and 80% – 90% of the particules are extracted. The problem is the solid soot does not breakdown efficently. When the sensors in the DPF recognise the excessive soot build up, the engine control module sets the exhaust gases to a higher temperature to burn off the excess residue this process is known as a Regeneration. When the solid soot matter is too dense it cannot burn off this is when the ECU will through a light on the dashboard such as engine management, glow plug or DPF blocked symbol. You will ultimately lose power and the vehicle will go into limp mode. We would strongly advise you do not drive the vehicle to prevent any further damage.

If i get the DPF removed can you program my ECU?

Yes if you post us your ECU we can do the ECU remap and/or DPF deletion for you then post it straight back. We would advise you to use the original exhaust system as converter pipes may cause you an issue with an mot in the future.


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