DPF Removal

Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF ) Removal

We provide a complete DPF Removal service including a FREE collection & delivery service. dpf_logoUnlike ECU Remapping a DPF removal can not be done at your home or place of work. This is because inline exhaust system components need to be removed / replaced and such work can not be carried out away from our state of the art engine tuning workshop in Gloucester.

Why have a DPF Removed?

There are two common answers as to why you would replace or remove the DPF of your vehicle. The first that is always mention is DPF replacement costs. As an example a replacement DPF for a mercedes Sprinter Van from a Mercedes main dealer will cost in excess of £5000 (five thousand pound!). We could remove that DPF & Remap the ECU to remove DPF related functions for less than £600! The second is one of performance. There is no doubt that the performance of any vehicle fitted with a DPF is improved when the DPF is removed.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter ( DPF )?

A DPF is equipped to most modern diesel engines to take out particles from the exhaust gases of diesel engines. In the main this is successfully done to abide by various emission standards throughout the world. Deep inside the molecular structure of diesel fuel the laws of physics dictate that you have more combustion by products inside the exhaust gases of a diesel engine in comparison with those contained in normal petrol combustion. The Diesel Particulate Filter is built to catch these excess particles. For this reason a DPF is almost always found being an in-line piece of a vehicles exhaust system.

What part does the ECU play in DPF operation?

Inside our page ‘What is ECU Remapping‘ we explain that the ECU receives input signals from various sensors which it uses to settle on engine operation. A minimum of one of those sensors is connected to the DPF. The primary reason for sensors on a DPF is so that the ECU can evaluate the DPF Charge or how full it is of collected particles

The Dreaded Limp Mode

Limp mode operation due to DPF problems is such a common indication of DPF failure we have provided a complete page to explain Limp Mode. The short version is: The ECU will put an engine into Limp Mode to limit the damage done to the engine by both known & unknown fault conditions one of which is DPF regeneration / regeneration failure and DPF charge levels being to high.

DPF Regeneration Cycle

As mentioned above the ECU receives input signals from sensors within the DPF that relate to how full or charged the DPF is. Once a level set within the ECU map has been reached (30% – 40%) the ECU will adjust some engine operating perameters that will cause the engine to run with a higher exhaust tempreture. This extra heat going through the DPF will burn any collected particles and turn them into soot. This is known as the DPF regeneration cycle. IMPORTANT: When the DPF is removed from a vehicle the DPF regeneration cycle functionality of the associated ECU must also be removed otherwise the vehicle will experience false DPF regeneration triggering which over time can harm the engine and in the short term cause the engine to use more fuel.

  • DPF REMOVAL £380
  • TWIN DPF REMOVAL £470 eg audi Q7 ect


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