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ECO ECU Remap: Improve MPG Reduce Co2

Given the present price of fuel we are all looking for ways to reduce the cost of fueling our vehicles. An ECU Remap ECO Tune is one of the most economic ways of reducing fuel costs especially when Diesel Tuning with the added bonus of also reducing the Co2 output from your car.

How will a ECO ECU Remap improve my MPG

If you have read our ‘what is ECU Remapping‘ you will have a good idea of what it is we do when remapping your vehicle. When a customer requests an ECO ECU remap we bias the changes to the ecu map in favour of obtaining a better fuel efficiency. There are many factors that we adjust to achieve this, but in general here is how it works.

First of all the torque (pulling power) of the engine is increased. The torque output of any engine is generally viewed as a graph in which the amount of engine torque can be seen to increase with engine RPM until it peaks at a point (RPM) that is unique to each engine, also unique to each engine is the range of RPM that this torque is maintained, referred to as the torque band.

We then adjust ECU map parameters to move this torque band lower down the range of engine RPM. This has the effect of providing more torque / engine power at lower RPM. This enables the driver to change to a higher gear sooner than prior to the ECU remap and as a result use less fuel.

What improvement in MPG will an ECO ECU Remap give me?

Increases in MPG are normally within the range of 10% – 20%, but many clients report more than this and in some cases an increase in MPG of 30% are seen, especially those who have  Diesel ECU Remap.

As you have read in the above, the ECO ECU Remap basically gives an increase in engine torque / power that has been moved to a lower RPM. How the driver uses this extra power will be reflected in the overall fuel efficiency figures. So the biggest factor in how much more MPG you get after an ECO ECU remap will always be the driving style of the driver.

ECO ECU Remap and reducing Co2 Emissions

The Co2 emissions of any vehicle are a direct result of the amount of fuel an engine burns. By reducing the amount of fuel you use in your car via an ECO ECU remap the Co2 emissions of that car will reduce by an amount that is equal to the increased MPG figures.


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