ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping of vehicle engines is a service that is rapidly growing across the UK.k_suite_pics In simple terms it is the process of altering the real time operation of a vehicles engine for the purpose of removing or modifying engine operating restriction imposed by the manufacturer to enable a standardised production vehicle to be sold in many differing world markets. You can read a more detailed description of what ECU Remapping is by clicking your mouse on our What is ECU Remapping Page

Types of ECU Remap

For the fact that ECU Remapping a vehicles engine allows us to modify its performance parameters it also means that we have options and choices on how we modify an engines ECU map. In general there are three types of ECU Remap that we can perform:


ECU Remap – ECO

Our ECO ECU Remap adjusts the performance of your engine to give a better fuel efficient performance thereby increasing the miles you get per gallon (MPG). Increases in MPG of up to 30% + can be expected.


ECU Remap – Power

Our ECU Power Remap is biased towards producing more power from your engine, with this ECU Remap we also move parameters such as torque bands etc to make the extra power available at lower revs, enabling you to change to a higher gear earlier which in itself will also improve your MPG (subject to how heavy your right foot is!).


ECU Remap – Combination

Our Combination ECU Remap basically gives you some of the gains in MPG that our ECO ECU Remap would give with some of the extra engine power that our Power ECU Remap would provide. This is our most popular ECU Remapping request from our customers.

The Benefits of an ECU Remap

The benefits of an ECU Remap are many and varying dependant on the type of ECU Remap that is deployed and the specific ECU map modifications made to meet the customers specific requirements / requests. Some clients just want more outright power, speed and acceleration. Others require the extra power for such as: Towing caravans; Boat trailers; Horse Boxes etc. Given the cost of fuel these days many customers are attracted to ECU Remapping to reduce their fuel costs by getting a better MPG figure. Because each of our ECU Remaps are produced specifically for each make and model, it is best to give us a call and discuss your needs with one of our experienced mobile ECU Remap technicians. Prices for a quality professional custom remap are from only £199 Mobile!

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