Engine Remapping and ECU Remap Worcester

GT Performance is a premier specialist in ECU tuning and diesel chip tuning in Worcester. We always strive for customer satisfaction by prioritising their needs and using modern proven techniques.

ECU Tuning

When it comes to improved power and performance, turbo charged vehicles lead the pack. Through our ECU remap solution, we can guarantee you better miles per gallon (MPG), improved power, and changes in fueling and ignition timing.

The science behind our ECU tuning is modern and allows us access to all the engine performance chips. In turn, this enables us to add torque and enhance brake horsepower (BHP). When contacting us for enquiries ensure you indicate your vehicle make and model.

Diesel Chip Tuning

If you want to feel the extra power of your diesel engine and a sharper throttle response, a diesel chip tuning solution is what you need. It will smooth your gear changes and boost your engine’s efficiency. Our Worcester chip tuning specialists do not physically open your ECU which means your vehicle’s warranty will still be varied.

Instead of doing the ordinary ECU remap, we employ sophisticated microprocessor controlled tuning chip which guarantees you immediate and substantial performance. In terms of drivability, our diesel chip tuning service will allow you to climb hills effortlessly, pull away with ease, and enjoy extra power reserves.

When vehicles operate for long hours in harsh conditions, their torque can be a real limiting factor. This is why our engine remapping focuses on improving toque and power thereby boosting performance.

Throughout Worcester, our services are synonymous with creativity and innovation. This enables us to attain unparalleled customer satisfaction and service standards. In addition to covering SEAT, Ford, and Vauxhall, we also specialise in German cars amongst them BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and VW.

If you want an assurance of the best quality and rigorously tested engine remapping systems for your vehicle, get in touch with us.

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