Mercedes Remap and Car Tuning

Mercedes Remap and Car Tuning

GT Performance has invested in custom car tuning software which is exclusively written and developed in-house to give you the highest possible standard in your Mercedes Benz performance. Virtually every vehicle including yours has an engine control unit (ECU) which is basically the brain behind the performance of your vehicle.

The ECU analyses all information coming from the different sensors in your engine such as accelerator pedal angle, engine temperature and oxygen content in the exhaust gases to determine the right mix of fuel for emission control and performance.

During ECU remapping, our professionals read the existing ECU processing chip and adjust a number of parameters such as boost pressure, fuel pressure, throttle pedal control, ignition advance, among others. This helps in releasing the true performance from your vehicle’s engine.

The process is completely safe because all we do is to remove the compromises that were built in to the standard ECU map so that the characteristics of the engine can be fine-tuned.

Among the benefits of an ECU remap our Mercedes Benz customers have praised us on include an improvement in engine power, torque, and throttle response. After every ECU remapping exercise, your vehicle will enjoy a more linear power delivery which in turn will make it a lot livelier to drive.

In addition to the above benefits, you will also notice a significant reduction in fuel consumption following a car remap. At the bottom of the revolution range, your car will require less throttle input and this amounts to fuel saving. You will also be able to drive safely at a higher gear, in start stop traffic, as well as at slower speeds.

Our Mercedes Benz car tuning solutions are unrivaled and can be installed easily onto your vehicle. We cater for a wide range of vehicles including A Class, B Class, C Class, Sprinter, Vaneo, Viano, Vito and many more. Our insurance-backed warranty for mechanical breakdowns crowns it all!

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