Power ECU Remap

Power ECU Remap


ECU Remapping for Max Power: Power ECU Remap

There are many reasons other than improved acceleration and speed that customers request a ECU power remap. They may require the extra power to make towing of a caravan, boat or trailer easier for a vehicle.

How will an ECU Remap give me extra engine power?

If you have read our What is ECU Remapping page you now understand what a ECU remap is and in priciple how it works. When a customer requests a power ECU remap we adjust ECU map parameters to give maximum power (BHP) and engine torque. In most cases the power and torque bands are moved to more usable RPM ranges.

Benefits of a Power ECU Remap

There are many benefits of a ECU power Remap especially for a Diesel Engine. Obviously there is the increased power from your engine. This extra power is not needed all of the time unless you drive like Lewis Hamilton! Under normal driving and traffic conditions you will also notice an improved driving experience from your car as in: smoother gear changes, sharper acceleration, smoother throttle response. You can even see an increase in your vehicles MPG which of course is subject to your driving style.

Will a Power ECU Remap damage my Engine?

The simple answer is NO. Any ECU remap will always maintain the operation of your engine within the specifications set by the engine manufacturer this is often referred to as the ‘green zone’.

Prior to and after any ECU Remap we carry out a complete engine diagnostic check to verify that there are no underlying engine problems.

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