Questions Answered

Questions Answered

Will an ECU Remap damage my engine?

NO: Every ECU remap we provide ensures that the performance of your engine is maintained within the operating specifications as laid down by the engine manufacturer.

Is an ECU Remap Legal?

YES: There is nothing illegal about remapping an ECU on a engine.

Do I need to inform my insurance company?

As a professional company we must advise you that you should notify your insurance company that you have had your vehicle’s ECU Remapped. Although our clients report that in most cases their insurance payments do not change.

Is the work Guaranteed?

Yes, all of our work carries a lifetime warranty on the software. Also we are one of the only companies that can provide you with a 12 Month 20,000 Mile breakdown cover warranty for your peace of mind (qualifying vehicles apply) thats how confident we are that you are getting the best Remap available in the U.K!

Will an ECU Remap affect my warranty?

ECU Remapping is virtually untraceble but if it was found it (MAY) affect your warranty. Your original file is kept on our database so if you were ever to need it temporarily we can flash it back on then flash the tuned file back on after any works carried out.

Do you offer a mobile service?

Yes we offer a mobile service throughout all of the areas shown on the mobile service page. If you live outside of these areas you can either post us your ECU or please call us and we can arrange for one of our sister companies to come out to you!

How long does it take?

Remapping through the OBD port takes around 1 to 1.5 hours. If the ECU has to be removed then the times will vary depending on the vehicle but usually no more than 3.5 hours.

Will my MPG increase?

Yes improvements in MPG of upto 20% are possible, more so with turbo diesel engines. Driving style is the key to getting this figure. There are many hints and tips we can provide you with to get the most out of your ECU Remap.

What if my car is Anti-Tune Protected?

Not a problem, we have all the specialist equipment needed to re-program these ECU’s.

What types of Vehicle can you Remap?

From 2000 onwards we can Re-progam cars, vans, lorries, tractors, agriculteral, speedboats and motorbikes!

Do you do postal Remaps?

We can remap your ECU via the post just simply send it to us (Royal Mail Special Delivery) or any other insured courier, we will Remap it the same day then send it straight back to you with no fuss! Please call us first.

If i am removing the ECU what is the most important thing?

You MUST disconnect the battery lead you will be surprised how many people forget! keep the key away from the vehicle just incase. If you are stuck with anything please call and we will talk you through it.

Do you Remap Turbo Petrol’s?

Yes we Remap pretty much anything that is able to be re-progammed, this excludes some toyota’s and all lexus!

What about group discount?

We offer great Multi-car discounts whether its for you and a group of friends or if its a fleet of vehicles. This applies to DPF Removals also. We have done many fleets, and all of our customers are currently reaking the benefits of there Economy ECU Remaps by saving on fuel costs. Don’t be left behind! Call now for an amazing deal on your fleet of vehicle’s and start saving on your fuel bills. It takes very little time to be paid back from your increased MPG and you carry on saving! An ECU Remap is probably one of the only things where you spend money on a vehicle and it then pay’s you back!



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