I just wanted to say how happy I am now I have had my VW T5 Remapped by GT Performance! Hi guys, thank you for the Performance and Economy Remap you done on my VW T5. It used to seem

I am so happy I called GT Performance for my Mazda 6 dpf removal. Thank you guys for an impressive all-round service. After doing some of my own research I found that the Mazda 6 Dpf Removal was new to

My VW t5 was losing power and the fuel was just disappearing. I had a diagnostic check which brought up a string of error codes relating to the DPF blocked up. I had a friend who had his DPF removed

I searched high and low for an Ecu remapping company that had the software for my vehicle but no joy….Then I called GT Performance! I could not believe my luck, finally, I found a cheaper alternative to my blocked diesel

My Diesel particulate filter warning symbol was flashing on my dash and after getting an expensive quote from the main dealer for a new DPF I looked for another solution that when I found GT Performance! I had called a

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