I was searching everywhere for someone who had the software to do the DPF delete on my combo van 1.3cdti. Then I came across GT Performance and they were also just on my doorstep! I gave them a call and

Hi Craig, I don’t normally do this but it must be said how very impressed I am with the ECU remapping of my Mercedes s-class. This is not something I would usually consider as I guess it used to be

I was searching all over the internet looking at different websites. I must say i am so happy that i chose GT Performance for my dpf removal. Firstly i would like to say thank you to the guys at GT Performance

Hey, first thing might i say a big thank you for sorting out my anti pollution fault light. that was so annoying just kept coming on every time i drove the car. It was something i kept putting off and

I am please to write a review about my Mercedes ECU Remap by GT Performance. Even though it is a diesel I was finding the cost of fuel a burden and decided to check out ECU Remapping to see if

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