My Ford Ranger 3.0 TDCI was Remapped by GT Performance for more power and economy. For me this ECU remap was the best thing I’ve ever done for me & my car. I have had tuning boxes before in the

I am amazed at the result of the remap on my Wife’s Audi A3. The performance is now amazing. The power is delivered much more evenly but there is a lot more of it. We drove to London the following

My DPF got blocked and sent my car into limp mode, after being told by Audi that this would cost me thousands of pounds I searched the web and came across GT Performance. Craig talked me through it on the

My DPF Symbol flashed up then shortly afterwards the car went into Limp mode. I was scanning the internet looking at all sorts of ecu remapping websites then i came across craig’s site. After speaking with craig i felt reassured

I’d like to thank the staff at GT Performance for the excellent job they have done on the removal of my Diesel Particulate Filter from my BMW 330d! I was absolutely blown away from the power and mpg gains i

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