I am so happy I called GT Performance for my Mazda 6 dpf removal.mazda_6

Thank you guys for an impressive all-round service. After doing some of my own research I found that the Mazda 6 Dpf Removal was new to the market of Diesel Tuning so I wanted to pick someone I could trust! The guys from GT Performance came and collected my car one evening and dropped it back off to me the following day and might I say what a difference in both Power and MPG. It’s like I’ve changed my car without actually changing it!

We go away to devon a lot and Tow a small trailer and with this attached and the car fully laden the increase in MPG is astonishing. Definitely, recommend anyone with a MAZDA 6 to come to these guys they really now how to sort out that annoying flashing DPF light.

Gary Bond

Rating: ★★★★★

Mazda 6 2.0d 2007

Gary called us and rightly so asked many questions about his Mazda 6 Dpf removal as he knew they were new to the scene of Diesel Tuning. We explained to Mr Bond that we have carried out many ECU remaps and DPF Removals to the Mazda 6 and our expert technicians were more than capable of completing the job successfully as you can see from the review Mr Bond was one of our many happy customers who was delighted with the end result from his car. Mr Bond said he was over the moon, and the convienent collection and delivery service was a big help also he would be recommending us to anyone who requires Diesel Engine Remapping or DPF Removal this kind of feedback is what makes our job so enjoyable!