I searched high and low for an Ecu remapping company that had the software for my vehicle but no joy….Then I mercedes_e250called GT Performance!

I could not believe my luck, finally, I found a cheaper alternative to my blocked diesel particulate filter. I was ringing around everywhere and no-one had the DPF deletion software (ECU file) for my Mercedes E250 blue efficiency 2009 but Craig explained how he is one of the few remapping companies with the capabilities to do the software modification so I had to go with it? I took the merc there in limp mode it was under powered and the DPF symbol was on the dashboard. When I got back in it after the DPF removal it drove like a new car and no annoying DPF symbol and the power increase is brilliant.

Thanks very much.

Rating: ★★★★★

Mercedes E250 2009 Blue Efficiency

Mr Priestley came to us all the way from leeds. We have many customers who travel a great distance to come and use our services its nice to see that our quality in ecu remapping and dpf removal speaks for itself and is spoken about across the whole of the u.k. This was one of the first few mercedes e250 blue efficiency that have had the dpf taken out and the software deleted. We like to keep ourselves one step ahead of any other ecu remapping company thats why you will find many cars that other remapping companies cannot do – here on our website. So if you have a car or van with a blocked dpf and other companies are saying “no we cannot do it” or “it is not able to be done” then please give us a call you never know?

Thank You
GT Performance Staff