My Diesel particulate filter warning symbol was flashing on my dash and after getting an expensive quote from the subaru_legacy_1main dealer for a new DPF I looked for another solution that when I found GT Performance!

I had called a few DPF Removal companies but no-one had the Remapping software for my vehicle. It was then I called GT Performance and after speaking with Craig I was over the moon that they could offer me a much cheaper option and not only did they remove the DPF but they also included a Remap aswell! I will be recommending these guys to anybody requiring Remapping or anyone with a blocked DPF!

Regards. Matt

Rating: ★★★★★

Subaru Legacy 2.0d 2010

Mr Booth called us and was happy he had found someone with the remapping software to delete the DPF from his Subaru Legacy. I must say it is a very nice car and like all of our clients it was his pride and joy so Matthew was cautious at first because like most people it was all new to him. We take a personal interest in every client and their vehicle so when removing the DPF from the exhaust we take great care and treat every vehicle with the up most respect that we would want if it was our own. When the DPF Removal was complete we gave it an GTP Eco Remap which gave Mr him around an extra 30bhp! As expected it changed it into a different car!

Thank you Mr Booth,