I just wanted to say how happy I am now I have had my VW T5 Remapped by GT Performance!vw_t5_2007_ian

Hi guys, thank you for the Performance and Economy Remap you done on my VW T5. It used to seem underpowered when I had a load on board but now you have given me this extra torque. I would recommend anyone wanting a VW transporter tuning to go and see these guys they know what they are doing.

Rating: ★★★★★

VW T5 2.5D

Mr Norton was part of a group of 5 vehicles we had Remapped that day for him and his friends. Richard choose a stage 2 ECU Remap for his T5 and he is now feeling the full benefit of his Vans capabilities. T5’s are becoming very popular now and alot of people are using them for many reasons and i would say that most if not all of the owners would call there T5 “there pride and joy”. Dont let your pride and joy suffer the pit falls of a poor or used ecu remapping file, come to us and we will tailor you Remap to suit your exact requirements using new custom written files every time.

Thank you Mr Norton,