My VW t5 was losing power and the fuel was just disappearing. I had a diagnostic check which brought up a string ofvw_t5 error codes relating to the DPF blocked up.

I had a friend who had his DPF removed by GT Performance and he has never been happier with his car so I thought I’d let them do their magic on my precious VW Transporter. It was only the 108bhp model so before all of this it was never really that quick but now the staff at GTP have taken the DPF out and gave may an Economy Remap it was like collecting a different van. All I can say is WOW try it for yourself I never knew my VW t5 was capable of such power and torque it pulls strongly in every gear!Cheers. Dave Cooper

Rating: ★★★★½

VW T6 2010 2.5TDI 108 BHP

It was a pleasure dave. We like it when people come to us who have never had anything Remapped before or a dpf removed as we know how well they perform when they are completed and it always brings a smile to the customers face which makes our job so enjoyable. For david’s Vw T6 it was a 2010 model so the Ecu was removed from the vehicle we then performed a bench Remap and gave it a dpf delete along with an economy remap which is our most popular combination and as always it is now a flying machine with a very impressive mpg increase when driven economically.

Thank you very much.
GT Performance