Sheffield ECU remap and Car Tuning

In order to benefit from more engine power, fuel efficiency or a combination of both, many car owners in Sheffield are resorting to an ecu remap in increasing numbers. As professionals in this field, we have taken it upon ourselves to improve our systems and retrain our technicians to bring them up to speed with the latest car remapping techniques for quality service delivery.

ECUs vary depending on their make and model, but their functionality remains basically the same. They receive signals from a number of sensors which they monitor and compare them against the stored values in its map. We have complete understanding and control of the ECU remap process and as such we can intercept by introducing software that rewrites the existing commands.

Our ECU Experts carry out a full diagnostic of your vehicles electrical systems, mileage verification and under bonnet inspection. The vehicles ECU data is read out and all injector coding plus other variables are stored as a recovery point. Then the stock calibration is read from your vehicle either via the OBD port which in full means On Board Diagnostics port or directly from the vehicles ECU. We then take that data and modify, alter the stored values within the desired ECU maps. This makes adjustments to the manner in which the engine will perform and deliver its power.

Mobile ECU Remapping Sheffield

Most of the newer car models have an electronic management system which controls fueling. This system is managed by the ECU which is more or less the brain of the engine. It is the unit that decides the quantities and ratio of air and fuel to mix and eject into the cylinder for ignition.

Our mobile GTP Sheffield technicians are highly trained professionals who know exactly how to change the ECU parameters thereby releasing hidden power (Safely) from your engine for enhanced performance. There are several ways we do this depending on the degree of performance you are looking at, however when it comes to car remapping, van remapping, or truck remapping we can tune most makes and models.

We have done customized ECU remapping for a lot of car owners in Sheffield. We are very different from one-size-fits-all approach where we simply upload a standard map for your ECU. With GTP Sheffield every tune is bespoke to that particular client’s needs and requirements.

Diesel Engine Mobile Tuning

We know that our diesel engine mobile tuning will dramatically enhance the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. (fuel economy will vary depending on the vehicle and driver) Our main goal when doing turbo diesel tuning, diesel remapping via OBD port or creating diesel performance chips is to gain the perfect fuel economy improvements and enhanced power curve without jeopardizing any safety parameters that was originally programmed into your engine management system by the manufacturer.

Unlike other engine remap technicians, at GTP Performance Sheffield we don’t just look for a power peak and torque curve to make your ECU remap numbers look good, but we intentionally target maximum self-improvements so that your vehicle feels like it has a much bigger engine.

In order to achieve fuel economy and power gains during diesel tuning, we carefully match a number of parameters which include fuel delivery rates and pump timing, throttle response, boost pressure, and top speed. We optimize this information carefully and then reprogram it back into your ECU calibration file and test your vehicle before allowing you to drive away.

Since diesel engine gains are far much better compared to petrol engine gains, car remapping the ECU of a diesel engine is considered the most productive approach.

Our mobile tuning phone lines are always open and we can attend to you from the comfort of your location within Sheffield.

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