Mobile Car ECU Remap and Diesel Tuning Swindon

Are you in Swindon and want to improve the engine performance of your car? Our specialists at GT Performance Gloucester are highly trained and experienced in Engine Control Unit mobile remap and will do the job right the first time. The fact that we offer mobile ECU tuning means irrespective of where you are, we can always come and undertake the exercise at your convenience.

We understand every bit of Engine Control Units (ECUs) and all the sensor transmissions to the various parts of the engine and the vehicle at large. Through specialized equipments, we analyze critical information including accelerator pedal angle, engine temperature as well as oxygen content in the exhaust gases being combusted.

Thereafter, this information is then fed into our analytical models to enable us make the adjustments necessary to enhance engine power, widen the power-band, as well as sharpen the throttle response while optimizing fuel consumption.

Car Remap

Before sending vehicles out of the production lines, most car manufacturers detune the engine by setting the ECU software to default. The reason behind this is that manufacturers want to access global markets which come with different ECU software settings due to varying fuel qualities, laws and restrictions as well as climate.

In Swindon, we help car owners modify or replace the default software set by the manufacturers. Our mobile remap specialists overwrite the existing software with a new one which is programmable and as such able to optimize the performance of your vehicle.

The software overwriting process involves plugging in our tuned software into the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port which then overwrites the existing engine map with our new version. The beauty with our Swindon car remapping operations is that they accommodate all ECU ages right from the earliest EDCs to the modern MEDC17 locked trico processor ECUs.

Engine Tuning Swindon

The desire for optimal engine performance and enhanced engine power output, durability and economy is at the heart of the Swindon car owner. Our diesel tuning exercise brings onboard a variety of modifications from routine adjustments of the ignition system and carburetor to major engine overhauls. At times, we even revisit the design decisions taken during the engine development. That is how detailed we are!

Our engine ECU tuning experts through innovative techniques explore the different ways of enhancing engine power amongst them increase in engine displacement, leveraging multiple or larger carburetors to create a controllable fuel/air mixture combustion and enhancing the size of poppet valves within the engine.

Most modern vehicles have engines with a larger power output capacity, but then restricted by the EMS. Our experienced and highly trained experts change the firmware of the EMS through the process of chip tuning.

When you contact us in Swindon for ECU remapping, we first determine the degree of performance enhancement you desire, your budget, as well as the characteristics of the car engine you want to be modified. Among the first adjustments we make are exhaust, intake, and chip upgrades because they are less costly and improve your engine substantially.

If you want to transform the power output and fuel economy of your engine, get in touch with us today and we shall dispatch our mobile remap and diesel tuning professionals.

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