VW Chip Tuning and Remapping

VW Chip Tuning and Remapping

Many of the modern VW vehicles have an engine control unit which is essentially a small computer controlling how the engine works. Before sending their vehicles out, manufacturers usually detune the engine by locking the ECU software to default. The reason they do this is purely because their cars have to be sold all over the world and hence the need to comply with the different climates, vary quality of fuels, and different laws and regulations.

At GT Performance, we carry out an extensive vehicle remapping exercise which modifies the default software on your VW vehicle ECU. We do this using our in-house developed custom tuning software. Our technicians overwrite the engine map that comes with your vehicle with our new version by flashing it directly through your car’s OBD (on-board diagnostics) port.

Through our chip tuning solutions, we remove the Eprom from your engine’s ECU and then we program the software directly to the chip on the bench. The beauty with our processes is that they work with all ages of ECU right from the early ones which need chip tuning all the way to the modern ECUs that come with tuner protection.

After the remapping exercise, the fuel consumption of your VW will change significantly for the better. However, this will also require you as the driver to modify your driving style so as to take advantage of your increased power and torque over the entire revolution range.

Your vehicle’s engine will respond better when you press the accelerator and power delivery will be much smoother thus giving you a safer driving experience. Overtaking has never been easier and safer with chip-tuned vehicles.

At GT Performance, we have chip tuning and engine remap solutions for many of the modern Volkswagen vehicles including Beetle, Amorok, Bora, Caddy, California, Caravelle, Passat, Golf, Polo, Scirocco, Sharan, Touareg, Tiguan, Transporter, and many others. We use the very best software backed by qualified engineers, you will love the difference.

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